We strive to provide a curated collection of products here at Nashville Roots. As a company we are bridging the gap between Nashville’s local businesses and their customers. To make the experience truly unique, we hand-select the vendors and choose from their product line carefully. Below is our most up-to-date list of vendors.

Nashville Roots - Inside Store

Project 615

As a company, Project 615 is focused on serving others with products that advocate world changing causes. Their high-quality apparel is focused on improving the lives of the homeless by raising funds and bringing awareness to issues that matter. Their mission has been successful, and each purchase of their graphic tees is helping give others a second chance at life.

Nash Collection

The Nash Collection is a lifestyle brand that represents the creative community found in Nashville. The designs are clean, bold and straightforward. Their entire collection embodies a sense of community spirit, and it’s perfect for locals and tourist who are passionate about celebrating everything that Nashville has to offer.

Whiskey Jam

Whiskey Jam has been making waves in Nashville as one of the greatest places in town to hear live music. Their laid-back atmosphere has attracted the likes of guest artists who have become household names. They’ve extended their creative talents to include graphic apparel and accessories for locals and Nashville tourists.

Tin Roof

The Tin Roof has been providing Nashville residents and tourists with live music and a cool place to hang since 2002. With amazing food, an eclectic environment, and a community of regulars, the Tin Roof is synonymous with a “having a good time.” You can continue to support their mission by purchasing their apparel.

Brew City Tees

Brew City Tees is a Nashville based family business that connects you to all the greatest breweries this city has to offer. They are a one-of-a-kind membership club that mails out monthly craft brewery tshirts and free beer coupons redeemable at these fantastic breweries. So don’t hesitate, become a member today and start receiving your monthly package to explore the superb craft beer taste of Nashville. Cheers!

Sweet Home Nashville

Inspired by the South and everything vintage and cozy, Sweet Home Nashville creates beautiful necklaces, vintage t-shirts, and framed art for the home. Their product always has a bit of a rustic feel by incorporating beautiful vintage inspired photography and barn wood.

Nashville Soap Company

Founded in the kitchen of Nashville residents, the Nashville Soap Company provides bath and skin care products with natural and non-toxic ingredients. From body oils to butter, their entire collection is handcrafted to be gentle and nourishing while using essential oils to produce subtle fragrances.

White’s Elixirs

For the cocktail lover or the firm believer in a good mixed drink, there is White’s Elixirs. Their syrups are made from all-organic cane sugar and natural ingredients. They pride themselves on giving their customers simple, easy to read components to make it easier to produce their favorite blend of drinks.

Skyline Pillows

From artist Heidi Schwartz, Nashville Skyline Pillows are an artistic expression encapsulating the magic of the city. An expat from Ohio, Schwartz found her musical and creative roots here in Nashville. Her line of pillows is a homage to this beautiful city and the artists it nurtures.

Gosh(i) Goods

Handcrafted and made in Nashville, these knitted blankets are designed and produced with the intent of bringing a sense of southern comfort into your home. Available in a range of colors, they are knitted using only the softest yarns.

Alyn Vaughn

Alyn Vaughn is ultimately a program committed to bringing opportunities to local students through their student worker program. Their collection of unique and inspiring jewelry help the company support Nashville’s youth and gain work experience. Additionally, the company uses the money to improve their scholarship program.

Bird on a Wire

Bird on a Wire is a jewelry line handcrafted right here in Nashville, TN by local artist Sheena Cregan. The collection features one-of-a-kind pieces that are unique and vintage inspired. That means, no two pieces are the same. Perfect when you’re looking for something absolutely special.

Deville Designs

Conceived by local designer Kristi Shechterly, Deville Designs started as a hobby but quickly became a passion. The line of jewelry is made from anything that she can get her hands on and the end result is a beautiful array of stylized pieces for both men and women.

Cat O’Neal Designs

This collection is a fun and creative way to show your personality. The wristlet keychains are made from various fabrics, prints, and colors. And, while they are practical, they offer individuals a unique way to express themselves.

Thistle Farms

Thistle Farms is not just a handcrafted line of natural body and home products, they are an organization helping women. They employ women who are survivors of addition, trafficking, and prostitution as a way for them rebuild their lives through empowerment. Each purchase from their collection supports this mission.

Ranger Station

A handsome and robust collection of candles and fragrances for men. Ranger Station does more than offer a selection of fragrances that are anything but sweet and floral. Each candle turns into a whisky glass once it’s burned out. Believing in community, each candle is poured by the survivors at Thistle Farms.

Red Bicycle Coffee

One of the fastest growing coffee shops in Nashville, Red Bicycle Coffee is known for their unique blends. Their bourbon infused coffee evokes a rustic serenity that makes you dream of the mountains. Whichever bold flavor you choose, you’re guaranteed to receive the highest quality.

Home Again Creative

A collection of bold, beautiful, and fun stationary and home goods. Home Again Creative focuses on creating memories with whimsically designed cards and prints. The materials for each item are thoughtfully sourced and environmentally friendly.


Express your love for Music City with this collection of t-shirts and tanks. The messages and designs are current and thought provoking. Each garment is made from soft, high-quality jersey with a Nashville vibe.

Roots Selection

We’ve added our personal touch on all of our favorite things! Our collection starts with specialized hats that help you show your support for our great Music City. Over the next couple of months we will expand our range to incorporate more items. Watch this space. But, in the meantime shop your favorite hats.

Tune of TN

Ousley Ouch Foods

Born and raised in Nashville, these salsas include fresh hand diced onions & jalapeno peppers with at least over a dozen herbs and spices. The jalapenos are locally grown and at times, added to the batches within hours of picking. All of this combined creates the magical flavor that has everyone saying “Ouch! I can’t stop eating!

With Love Louise

With Love Louise is a lifestyle brand that believes combining laughter and design makes the world a better place! Their goal is to make people smile. If you give a gift that is met with a smile, then you are the real winner!

OM Honey

Local honey from West Nashville, OM Honey uses only organic gardening practices. They don’t over-smoke the bees and only harvest as much honey that is healthy for the bees. Nashvillians are raving about OM Honey and is becoming a must have at home!

We are always looking to take on new projects and work with different creators, makers, artists, and businesses here in Nashville. Follow us on social media for the lastest news on products and vendors we are carrying.

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